Cook Islands Adventure

True specimen hunting in paradise
October 17, 2020
October 31, 2020
$7,995 USD
Gavin Hodgson

Trip Details:


Aitutaki, Cook Islands


Fly, Spin, Trolling, Popping & Jigging


Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Bluefin and other trevally, Milkfish, Triggerfish and lots more.






Pangas and offshore boats

Main Description:

Flats fishing or Bluewater, the Cook Islands will spoil you.

The first thing to note about the Cook islands is that there are potential world record Bonefish and so many other species are large in size here. There are Bonefish of astonishing sizes, and with the Aitutaki lagoon already established as a premier Bonefishing venue, we have one more added attraction to fire up any specimen Bonefish hunter.  Manuae atoll, a place only few are fortunate enough to encounter. Back to nature, with tented camping, good food cooked on open fires, exchange fishing tales, relax under the stars and anticipate what the next day might bring. To optimise on our time here, as well as Guided fishing and DIY days on Aitutaki, we have a 4 day camping trip with 3 nights planned on Manuae. This gives us better chance to connect with many species, both inshore and bluewater, whatever you wish to try. Prepare to be tested. And be rewarded with fish of dreams.


An unofficial world record Bonefish was quietly released here…


Both Atolls have huge Bluefin Trevally populations as well as others that can show up at any time. The GTs around Aitutaki have seen people and flies and they can be hooked, but are often lost in and amongst the coral. However, around Manuae they do not see people for months at a time and it is all about timing, being in the right place atthe right time to make the perfect cast.


The drop off here is immediate. Outside that reef edge the same GTs cruise that you will see inside the reef too. Added to this, Dogtooth Tuna and so many other blue water species can be hooked within very short distance of the reef.


The flats within the Manuae atoll, a lagoon, a creek and sandbanks, all contain Bonefish, Trigger fish and Trevally species as well as Milkfish. There seems to be no shark or barracuda, so predators are few.


The allure of wading on white sand, makes spotting big fish very easy...


With Bonefish average size being close to double figure mark, you have a very strong chance to catch your personal best in the Cook Islands. This is possibly the reason for your journey, but don’t ignore the other species. Enjoy everything that these beautiful atolls offer; Bluewater fishing, Fly Fishing, Trolling, Popping orJigging, it is all fantastic here! With drop off being so close and such huge depth of Pacific Ocean, we would be crazy to ignore the fishing possibilities outside the reef edge.

The opportunity here for multi methods fishing is excellent. Blue Water fishing is very productive at certain times and days can be mixed, with all of the above methods for a variety of species with popping for Large GTs being a huge attraction outside the reef and flyfishing for them inside the lagoon. 

HUGE and tricky Triggers are present on one of the atolls too, and they can be caught. They are certainly worth the effort and time spent chasing them. 


Accommodation and food

We have now found the best fisherman’s watering hole and accommodation. The food and drinks on Aitutaki are not cheap, so they are now included in the cost and you will not be disappointed.  A mix of Fresh Seafood and a Thai influence on the menu, with a fine selection of beers and spirits.


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