Flatsfishing trip preparation

How to get the most out of your trip

▪︎Gathering equipment is exciting in itself. The build up and anticipation is part of the experience and I hope you visit the web store.advice nd start building yourself  quality rmy.
▪︎Fly casting instruction. Find the best instructor in your area. Preferrably one with saltwater flyfishing experience. And invest in a big way. This is your optimum  route to catching more fish. Your guide is the good fisherman. You dont have to be. But if you can put the fly where he asks, then you WILL catch far more. And hence become a better fisher in the process.

Gavin Hodgson is an APGAI qualified instructor based in Berkshire UK, with nearly 2 decades of experience on the flats. If we cant help you because of location we may be able to advise which instructor to book in your area 😎

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