Cook Islands January 2018 report

The lagoon was waiting...
We returned to Aitutaki following our two atoll trip last February, to once again chase specimen Bonefish, Giant Trevally and anything else we could cast a fly to. The weather was beautiful as we arrived and the views of the lagoon and reef as we came in to land were simply breath taking. Once we had settled into our accommodation and had a drink or two, the talk was on fishing and what would come. Thankfully weather remained good the following morning and Bonefish were spotted very quickly and a few caught, pretty much within sight of where the boats met and picked us up. It was the second day of our trip that will be remembered as the best we could ever wish for. Our boats and one other heard from guides that there were birds over one of the reefside flats and we should get there quickly as GTs would be there and feeding hard on the baitfish that those diving birds were doing their best to catch.

They were absolutely right and no sooner had our guide drifted the boat into position we spotted Giant Trevally patrolling in threes and fours , in and out of the coral heads and crossing sandy areas in between, to follow those diving birds and baitfish. It wasn’t long before we were positioned perfectly and after a frantic cast or two and the first hook set, a good sized fish went tearing off with a tight line and heavy drag, leaving others behind it exploding in all directions. Chaotic drama all around us and this was how our morning continued with many pods of no more than two to four GT coming through. This carried on until we’d lost a few and caught a few, with some finger burns and knuckles wrapped as souvenirs of the battle. One fly line broken and one shock leader snipped by coral. A number of lessons were quickly learnt by all who were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. What an epic fish feeding spectacle and one which none of us shall ever forget. Over the next day or so the weather deteriorated and we struggled with full cloud cover and strong winds. Afternoons and evenings had torrential rainfall lasting hours, and this hampered fishing and our scheduled trip to the remote atoll we had encountered last year. Camaraderie and banter were saviours of the trip when conditions were limiting and with a relaxing few days behind us, with windows of beautiful conditions amongst heavy rainfall, we had our guided days set and once again focussed on the fishing.

More GTs were taken, with an awesome double hook up for Colin and Dave, plus a huge Black, angry looking beast that for Colin was fish of the trip. Monster Bonefish were seen but not caught, yet a few fish in the 6lb to 8lb bracket were taken as well as a number slightly smaller. The white sand flats were as stunning as ever and the colourful lagoon began to show it’s true splendour. In the last two days I personally managed to take two incredible bonefish. The first was a solid 10lbs, a solitary fish taken from a sand bar with the hungry take being an amazing sight to witness. And a day later, I made one short cast to two fish and took the largest Bonefish of the trip which we estimated at 13lbs. A long broad specimen who fought hard to reach the coral, but thankfully we managed to turn him and eventually bring him in close enough to grab the leader and almost dive on that huge fish! What an impressive beauty and we did witness a couple of much larger fish on that same flat. More trips are planned so please make contact for details, dates and rates to join us at this amazing place.

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