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Remote, backcountry flats, coral reefs, and expansive blue water make this area especially attractive for saltwater fly fishing. The Guanahacabibes Peninsula with its national park and biosphere reserve have been preserved for 40 years and offer world-class fishing for many flats and offshore species. The region is not only still wild and without fishing pressure, but it is also home to a unique mix of beaches, channels, mangroves, flats, and blue water, thereby allowing anglers to take on different waters and experiences each day.

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On the far western tip of the Caribbean island of Cuba is the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and the home of El Faro Lodge. Preserved for 40 years, this national park and biosphere reserve is where anglers will find 200 miles of flats, beaches, channels, mangroves, coral reef, and bluewater — all coming together for what is a saltwater fly fishing paradise. Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Triggerfish, Jacks, and a wide range of bluewater species are all available in waters that have been largely untouched and remain uniquely wild.

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For saltwater anglers, Cuba is home to some of the best Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit fishing in the world. Anglers will find that the flats are filled with healthy populations of numerous species. In addition to the “big three,” you can take on giant barracuda, triggerfish, jacks, and more. Here you are not limited to just the flats. From Sailfish to Wahoo to Tuna, Cuba has it all and offshore fishing can be a great way to add even more to create a diverse saltwater fishing experience. You will have access to mangroves, channels, beaches, and remote wilderness flats with guides and skiffs. These boats allow anglers to comfortably and quickly get to the most productive water each day.

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Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Cuda, Jacks, Snapper and Bluewater species
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El Faro Lodge is the first and only beachfront fishing lodge in Cuba. Single occupancy, spacious wooden cabins with private bathrooms are available for all guests. Offering first-class service and many luxuries, you can enjoy the sunrise from the rooms in the morning and dinner and cigars on the beach at night after your day on the water. Expect gourmet cuisine and many modern comforts while enjoying the wilderness of western Cuba.

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