Farquhar, Seychelles

A diverse Seychelles fishery

A Huge Giant Trevally population....

Farquhar Atoll runs two short seasons each year, catering to a maximum of 10 fishers per week. This is the most southerly in the Seychelles chain of islands, lying just over 700km southwest of the main island Mahe. The remote atoll has a total area, including the large lagoon, of 170.5 km² and has a serviced concrete landing strip situated on the most northerly island. The main group of islands form a long curve which forms the eastern side of the atoll. The large ear-shaped lagoon provides easy access to countless flats, channels and surf zones which make this such a diverse fishery. Farquhar has only a very a small population of locals. The group trip includes six days fishing and exploring the islands, flats, channels and blue water of Farquhar Atoll.

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Bumphead Parrotfish - Accept the challenge....

A Huge Giant Trevally population…… The Giant Trevally fishing is fantastic and you can expect many shots each day as well as targeting other species, all dependant on tide and conditions. Bumphead Parrotfish are a tough, challenging quarry and can be seen tailing in shallow water around this atoll. For both GT and Bumpies, this could well be the best place on earth to sight cast to both species on foot. Farquhar consistently produces some of the finest saltwater fly fishing on the planet. The huge variety of species, together with its diverse flats and offshore scenarios make Farquhar a complete saltwater experience for the travelling angler. Flats species include GTs, Bluefin Trevally, Bonefish, Bumphead Parrotfish, Moustache and Yellow-Margin Triggerfish. Also Barracuda, Indo-Pacific Permit, Golden Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, Bohar Snapper and more. Farquhar also provides some truly exceptional offshore fly-fishing. Milkfish, Sailfish, Barracuda, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna and a host of others prowl the bluewater just off the flats, providing even further species to target with no additional costs or long journeys.

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Be ready for GT at all times....

Expect a mixture of species and of fishing situations, with your days covering many areas and target species. Guides will maximise based on tides and confitions and what you are hoping to connect with. Many fishers visit Farquhar for the GT fishing and finally ticking that box in a big way. Others go with dreams of grabbing a bumphead parrotfish and spend the most efficient times of tide at the reefside and adjacent flats casting to these large tailing coral feeders. There are flats of incredible beauty that contain Bonefish and Indo Pacific Permit as well as others that hold Yellow Margin and Moustache Triggerfish. in addition to these possibilities, you will at times undoubtedly feel the urge to cast over bluewater, be that from the reef edge or in the boat not too far away from land. The list of species achievable on fly here is very long.

GT, Bumphead Parrotfish, Bluefin & Golden Trevally, Bonefish, Indo Pacific Permit, Milkfish, Sailfish, Cuda, Napolean Wrasse, Bohar Snapper

Excellent Facilities....

Guests are accommodated in three simple but comfortable duplex style chalets (two separate bedrooms per chalet), the island catering for a maximum of ten anglers at one time. Each bedroom has two single beds and an en-suite bathroom. Rooms are equipped with 24 hour 220 volt electricity, air-conditioning and have a constant supply of hot water. There is full housekeeping, with laundry done every second day. There is a separate communal air-conditioned dining, lounge and bar area where guests can enjoy their meals and relax. Meals prepared by the chef are a mix of Creole and international style of cooking. An outside undercover dining area on the waters edge with a magnificent view forms an idyllic backdrop for certain evening meals when the weather allows. All drinking water (desalinated) and soft drinks are included. Local beer, together with a basic selection of spirits and wine are available for purchase on the atoll.

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