Cook Islands Adventure

Specimen hunters paradise

Bluewater or Flats fishing, the Cook Islands will spoil you....

There are without doubt, potential world records out on the Cook Island flats. There are Bonefish of astonishing sizes as well as the occasional giant of a GT that will shock you. With the Aitutaki lagoon already established as a premier Bonefish and Trevally venue, we now have one more added attraction to fire up any specimen hunter. Manuae atoll, a place only few are fortunate enough to encounter. Go back to nature, with tented camping, eat good food cooked on open fires, exchange fishing tales, relax under the stars and anticipate what the next day might bring. Rarely do fishers ever see this place and there are only a few visits by fishermen each year, and mostly these are fishing the reef, not the flats. The Cook Islands Two Atoll Adventure now includes a 4 day trip with 3 nights planned on Manuae. This gives us a chance to connect with many species, both inshore and bluewater, whatever takes your fancy. Prepare to be tested. And be rewarded with fish of dreams.

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Everything grows big here. A place for personal bests....

Both Atolls have huge Bluefin Trevally populations as well as others that can show up at any time. The GTs around Aitutaki have seen people and flies and they can be hooked, but are most often lost in and amongst the coral. An absolute Monster of a GT was landed here in recent times and although not recorded officially, the weight was 82kg. Manuae is different as here they do not see people for months at a time and it is all about timing, being in the right place at the right time to make that perfect cast. GTs do come into the lagoon and on large tides can be taken immediately inside the reef as well as on the flats.

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Be ready for GT at all times....

Bluewater or Flats fishing, the Cook Islands will spoil you…… The drop off here is immediate. Outside that reef edge the same GTs cruise that you will see inside the reef too. Added to this, Dogtooth Tuna and so many other blue water species can be hooked within very short distance of the reef. The flats within the remote atoll, a lagoon, a creek and sandbanks, all contain Bonefish, Trigger fish and Trevally species. In one area there are Milkfish. Everything here is large. We see no shark or barracuda, so predators are few. The allure of white sand, makes spotting big fish very easy…… With Bonefish average size being close to double figure mark, you have a very strong chance to catch your personal best in the Cook Islands. If this is the reason for your journey, you should not ignore other species. Enjoy everything that these beautiful atolls offer and bear in mind that our trips so far have produced a number of definite double digit Bones, a handful of large GT encountered and plenty that need both arms for the grip and grin.

Bonefish, GT, Bluefin Trevally , Triggerfish, Milkfish, Dogtooth & Yellowfin Tuna and lots more.

The best fishermans accommodation and watering hole....

During the Aitutaki portion of your stay you will be in twin share chalets nextdoor to the best restaurant and bar on the island. Locals and tourists use this place for its great menu and selection of beers, as well as it's position and maritime theme. The staff are friendly and you will find it a tough place to leave at the end of your stay. The nights spent on Manuae Atoll will be in single mesh tents with food and drinks catered to us by local operators who take everything we could need while staying at this remote uninhabited place. Food cooked on stoves and open campfires and bugs kept down by the constant breeze and the campfire smoke. This is a very privileged place to experience and you are sure to enjoy the lack of civilisation and all communications for this short period, as well as the fishing of course. (one satellite phone is kept for emergencies)

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