Anaa Atoll, French Polynesia

Palm trees, white sand and reef

An absolute picture postcard flats fishery....

Anaa Atoll, located 350 Kilometres east of Tahiti, is a dot in the Pacific, situated in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. Stunningly beautiful and home to less than five hundred locals, the turquoise green Atoll is six and half kilometres wide by twenty-nine kilometres long with a fringing reef encompassing a huge lagoon, expansive sand and coral flats. With a multitude of shallow passes out to sea along its entire length, it offers a range of fly fishing options including good sized Bonefish, Blue Trevally, Giant Trevally and Triggerfish inside the lagoon with Big Bohar Snapper, Black Giant Trevallies and Napoleon Wrasse available from the reef edges. Outside the reef, Dogtooth and Yellowfin Tuna can also be targeted along with a huge range of reef species.

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A fly fishing and cultural experience....

Catering for up-to six fly-fisherman (three anglers per boat), you will chase Bonefish, Triggerfish, Parrotfish, Bluefin and Striped Trevally on foot, while being guided by the best eyes on the island. With around ninety square kilometres of waters to explore, the small islands fringing the lagoon boast extensive sand and coral rubble flats providing an ideal habitat to cruising fish. Some flats are rarely touched and in the words of our guide who we fished with one year previous. "The last time I was here was with you guys last year" This atoll is large and we love to hit the extreme reaches where hardly anyone ever goes. A real fishing privilege.

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Hardcore reef fishing or stunning sand flats....

Giant Trevally over a metre long are occasionally seen in the lagoon, but most of these live off the reef. You will also be fishing the reef edges on foot, targeting the huge GT, Black Giant Trevally, Bohar Snapper and Napoleon or Maori Wrasse that grow to huge sizes. These incredible fish are often encountered, providing thrills and a challenging alternative during the day. In addition to this and the lagoon fishing, you can explore the off-shore fishery (weather permitting) This opens up a huge range of Bluewater fly-fishing opportunities for a range of prolific pelagic species.

Fly, with other methods allowed outside the reef
Bonefish, Bluefin Trevally, Napolean Wrasse, Bohar Snapper, Giant Trevally, Black Trevally, Coral Trout, Milkfish, Parrotfish

Room with a view....

There are two options of accommodation on the island. The first is a line of four villas overlooking a beautiful stretch of lagoon. The perfect place to retreat and to enjoy a quiet drink at the end of your day. Food is very good, and rooms are beautiful yet simple with A/C and a balcony to relax and enjoy the views and peaceful setting. The alternative is a slightly cheaper option and set inland by only about 50 or 60 metres. You stay here with a family and experience a little of the warm culture of Anaa. With no A/C, very good food, basic small but clean rooms and a delightful feeling of welcome and embrace.

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